In the movie adaptation of Baum's book, Dorothy's whole adventure was a dream. But the movie told only a part of the original story. In the print version, Oz was a real place to which Dorothy eventually relocated after 3 more visits; Dorothy moved to Oz permanently in the sixth book (of 13 books) and became a princess. In many ways, critical care professionals are all living in a modern healthcare version of the story of Oz-facing tornadoes, wandering fields of intense expectations, traveling indistinct paths, manipulating wizardly technology, and confronting new enemies. To survive and thrive, we must have brains, heart, and courage. Despite everything that is going on around them, critical care professionals continue to have a sense of mission, a vision of continual improvement and professionalism, and a code of ethics that transcends the complex environment swirling around us. We can begin by creating a personal vision that we wish to achieve. This vision is not an academic exercise but rather a compelling statement that anticipates tomorrow without neglecting today. This vision will require commitment, teamwork, and involvement to make it a reality. Like the end of the original story of Oz, the end of this story is just the beginning. . . . Click your heels together 3 times and say, "It's a new century for critical care nurses!"

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