These concepts are not listed in any order of priority.

  • ▪Be clinically competent in an area of nursing practice.

  • ▪Employ negotiation strategies rather than confrontation tactics; compromise is the name of the game.

  • ▪Promote interdependence and trust between groups rather than the autonomy of nurses. Cooperation is more valued than independence. Without trust, nothing works.

  • ▪Decentralize decision making. Give authority, but monitor regularly for responsible and accountable behavior.

  • ▪Discuss and plan around patient needs rather than the needs of the nursing department. The nursing budget should reflect the “fair share” portion of the economic pie required to implement the program.

  • ▪Learn the methods of science. Use the scientific methods of analysis. The term “problem solving” is much looser and may not connote the same rigor.

  • ▪Develop an organizational design that emphasizes accountability.

  • ▪Keep formal communication channels free of clutter....

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