Posters have long been recognized as an effective medium for disseminating information, particularly with respect to evidence-based practice. At TriHealth’s Bethesda North Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, posters are now also being used for staff education at the clinical level in the surgical, medical, cardiac, and open-heart intensive care units. The benefits are more widespread than originally imagined.

The idea of using posters for staff education emerged from an evidence-based practice presentation put on by the hospital’s Nursing Research Committee. Observing the nurses as they asked questions and interacted made me realize how easily and effectively this approach could be applied to staff education at the unit level. In addition, with staffing becoming increasingly tight, it was often difficult to schedule the nurses for inservices. This was important information that probably would not be seen or heard in a sit-down environment.

Although I provided mentoring and guidance along the way, the majority...

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