The Synergy Model was adapted by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses as a basis for nursing practice and for CCRN and CCNS certification examinations. In the latter examination, a variety of scenarios typify how the Synergy Model is the basis for practice for the clinical nurse specialist. The model describes 7 characteristics that patients will manifest during various phases of their illness (Table 1). The model also describes 8 nursing competencies that are essential for the delivery of quality patient care (Table 2). The Synergy Model links patient characteristics and nurse competencies to enhance optimal patient outcomes.

Since the implementation of the Synergy Model, numerous exemplars have been published illustrating its incorporation into clinical practice. These exemplars have centered around direct patient care situations. The Synergy Model also provides a basis for the multifaceted role of the nurse educator.

Under the supervision of a preceptor, an orientee...

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