Some tongue-in-cheek truisms:

  • ▪ Whenever interaction with another is required, no matter what the circumstances, treat the other as if her or she were completely psychotic. Then you will know that there is one sane person in the discussion.

  • ▪ There is no problem the average manager could not solve in 20 seconds if there were no people in the problem.

  • ▪ There aren’t any problems. There are only people who are hopelessly recalcitrant and wrong.

  • ▪ Most nursing service programs would be magnificently run if only there were no patients or staff. The plans are perfect. Only the people ruin them.

  • ▪ The easiest way to solve a problem is to allow all others to be wrong and to proceed as if they were.

  • ▪ In all controversial issues, one can best manage by concluding that only those...

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