Dorothy L. Wilt, Carol J. Smucker. Washington, DC: American Nurses Association; 2001. Softcover. 178 pages.

Nursing the Spirit takes the reader on a journey of spiritual self-discovery and guides the reader, in a very practical way, in providing spiritual care for others and oneself. The authors describe strategies for providing culturally sensitive spiritual support for individuals from infancy to “oldest-old” adulthood, and illustrate the variety of ways in which spiritual needs can be met across the continuum of care. Special attention is given to meeting the unique and challenging needs of persons experiencing distress, despair, depression, substance abuse, suicide, victimization, and loss and/or death.

Historical perspectives, theoretical constructs, and research findings empower the reader with knowledge requisite to providing spiritual care. However, it is the conversational tone, poignant stories, proverbs, and quotes throughout the book that draw the reader into a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it means to...

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