In the article entitled “Assessing Tissue Oxygenation” (June 2002;22:22–42), the reference to Figure 4F1 (p. 27) was incorrectly placed in the middle of the sentence. The sentence that refers readers to Figure 4F1 should read: “ The body has numerous compensatory mechanisms to correct an abnormal pH; however, if these mechanisms fail, cellular functions are impaired, and death will eventually result (Figure 4F1).” Moreover, this figure contained an error. The corrected figure is published below.

In Table 3 (p. 28) of this article, the last parameter should be Pao2, not Paco2

In “Prone Positioning of Trauma Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Open Abdominal Incisions” (June 2002;22:52–56), the company listed as the manufacturer of the CircOlectric bed was incorrect. This product is manufactured and distributed...

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