In the neonatal intensive care unit and level II nurseries at Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, seriously ill infants and neonates are enjoying more privacy and sleeping more soundly thanks to a relatively simple sewing project and the helping hands of volunteers and parents.

Because Texas Children’s Hospital, with 120 beds, is one of the largest and busiest neonatal care services in the United States, we faced a challenge in providing the dark, quiet and restful environment that is so vital to our patients. However, we found a solution in easy-to-sew crib covers.

These covers help us to consistently improve the nursery environment, which goes a long way toward encouraging growth and development among infants born prematurely or with serious health problems. The handmade quilted crib and isolette covers minimize the effects of bright lights, noise and movement in the nursery, creating an environment that is conducive to rest and healing....

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