The Critical Care Service Center at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh includes the pediatric intensive care unit (ICU), the neonatal ICU, respiratory care services, the transport team, and a new cardiac ICU. The number of staff involved—approximately 400 individuals representing medicine, nursing, respiratory care, child life, social work, and ancillary personnel—presents significant communication challenges.

A unique publication that has survived for at least a decade, transcending numerous evolution processes, addresses this issue. This monthly, online critical care newsletter is written and edited by the advanced practice nurse in the pediatric ICU and the director of the critical care and neonatology services. The critical care staff and leadership team consider this to be a highly valuable mechanism for communication.

The newsletter uses a template for the table of contents, column format and pagination. Issues, most of which are no more than 3 pages in length, are numbered and archived, both online and...

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