Sharon Saunderson Cohen, ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Hanley & Belfus; 2003. Softcover. 179 pages, $37.95. ISBN: 1560535180.

This paperback reference book presents important trauma nursing information in a concise and novel format. The book is divided into 4 sections; the first section introduces the reader to the concepts of trauma systems, mechanisms of injury, and prehospital management. The second section presents information on forensics and injury prevention and introduces new information on weapons of mass destruction. These chapters provide an excellent overview of the foundations of trauma nursing.

In the third section, a system-by-system discussion of organ injuries and related treatment modalities is provided. The trauma-related injuries covered in this section are inclusive of the more common injuries seen by trauma nurses. In addition, the questions posed and answered by the authors provide insightful and current information on the management of patients with these injuries.

The fourth and final section provides...

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