The technology pool for the progressive care unit (PCU), like that for the intensive care unit (ICU), is integral to providing top-notch patient care. While many similarities exist among the equipment used in various PCUs, there’s no standard list of what’s needed. In general, patient demographics determine necessary technologies.

As described in Part 3 of this 6-part series exclusively endorsed by the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN),1 types of PCU patients and their needs vary between institutions and may even differ among PCUs within one institution. Technology falls into three categories based on its application: monitoring and assessment, testing, or treatment provision. (See “Examples of PCU technology.”)

The PCU’s anticipated patient flow and your administrators’ philosophy of care may also influence technology requirements. For example, do you move patients from unit to unit as their acuity changes? Or do you prefer to keep a patient in one room,...

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