In the article, “Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy and Septal Ablation” (June 2003:47–50), there are some conflicting statements about left ventricular diastolic pressure. At the bottom of page 47, column 3, it states there is increased left ventricular diastolic pressure. On page 48, first column at the top, it states the opposite.

Then on page 49, under the section titled “Pacing,” the author states that with DDD pacing the first letter indicates the chamber paced and the second letter is the chamber sensed. This is actually reversed.

Regarding left ventricular diastolic pressure, the first reference addresses left ventricular pressure (on page 47) and the next reference addresses left ventricular volume, not pressure.

Regarding pacing, according to Braunwald et al,1,2 the first chamber is the chamber paced and the second chamber is the chamber sensed. If any different data are available on this subject, I would like to know so that...

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