Sue Ullrich, Ann Haffer. Sacramento, Calif: California State University; 2001. CD-ROM. $38.95. ISBN: 0708-3.

This computer-assisted learning presentation in CD-ROM format, Preceptor: A Nurses’s Guide to Mentoring, is designed as an introduction to the preceptor role. The content addresses how this role can be implemented with either nursing students or during employee orientation. The presentation of content is well organized and easy to use. The navigator allows for selection of individual learning modules as well as options such as search, glossary, and an especially useful note-taking function. The program also allows printing of selected content and multiple forms. The forms are designed to help ensure consistency and completeness of the mentoring process. These forms are well designed and are adaptable to a number of settings.

The CD-ROM contains 8 individual modules: (1) introduction, which presents the mentoring process; (2) basic concerns—getting started; (3) beginner behaviors; (4) adult learner styles; (5)...

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