Sandra A. Cupples, Linda Ohler, eds. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company; 2002. 430 pages.

The lack of available comprehensive, concise transplantation information has made it more difficult for healthcare professionals to provide care for transplant recipients. The authors of Solid Organ Transplantation provide and in-depth discussion of specific organ transplantation issues, as well as general care issues that may affect all transplant recipients. The psychosocial concerns, infectious disease issues, specific nutritional aspects, and pregnancy after transplantation are areas that can be especially complex because of the long-term immunosuppression these clients require.

This book is written for primary healthcare providers who may be caring for potential transplant recipients, assisting in the initial evaluation for the transplantation, providing follow-up before the transplantation, and reassuming care after the transplantation has occurred. Solid Organ Transplantation is a valuable resource reviewing both the inpatient and outpatient aspects of transplantation. The authors have compiled information...

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