Marilyn Winterton Edmunds and Maren Stewart Mayhew. St Louis, Mo: Mosby; 2003. Spiral bound. $44.95, 480 pages. ISBN: 0323016197.

Procedures for Primary Care Practitioners is a practical guide to more than 70 common procedures performed by primary care providers. Sections in this text include laboratory; dermatology; ear, nose, and throat; respiratory; cardiovascular; gastrointestinal; orthopedic; genitourinary; women’s health; and radiographic interpretation.

Each section reviews anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, indications, precautions, assessment, patient preparation, equipment list, patient education, follow-up, and current procedure technology billing information. Detailed descriptions of procedures include cerumen disimpaction, performing Doppler ultrasound of the lower extremities, wound closure methods, and skin lesion removal. Procedures also contains samples of a skills checklist and a consent form, and a patient education handout.

This practical manual is easy to read, and the graphics are appropriate and helpful. Procedures is a good reference book for those who perform primary care procedures.

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