Ever had to train 500 staff members in 60 days? A combination of vacation schedules, current classes, differing employee shifts, and decreasing numbers of available instructors makes meeting this deadline almost impossible.

Rather than waiting for a scheduled lecture to occur, staff members can turn to e-learning programs—available every day, any hour. The “just-in-time” nature of e-learning means specialized training is available at the moment it’s needed without worrying about class room or instructor availability. The result is training that’s accomplished more rapidly, enabling you and your learners to meet tight deadlines while ensuring content consistency and standardization.

In addition, e-learning can streamline the education process by freeing educators’ time to focus on learning transference, supplemental information development, and learners’ educational needs. E-learning’s more efficient use of time can increase productivity and decrease training costs.1 

To successfully implement e-learning, first determine how it fits into your organization’s operation. Identify...

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