I recently read the guest editorial by Mary McKinley in the April issue of Critical Care Nurse (April 2004:8, 10, 12). I take exception to her portrayal of seasoned nurses and what is described as their poor attitude regarding newer nurses.

In the second paragraph, we are described as resentful. In actuality, most of us believe that the addition of new blood is good in most work-place situations. The statement about younger nurses lacking professional commitment is applicable to many areas in business, healthcare, and social settings. What should be looked at is why that is so. True enough, in the past, workers tended to remain with a company for life. There are many reasons for the change including increasing mobility, willingness to make life changes for professional, financial, or moral reasons. Or, in the jargon of the young, “because I can.”

As far as “lofty pay levels” that new...

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