JP Kowalak, AS Hughes, JE Mills, eds. Philadelphia, Pa: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; 2003. Softcover; 611 pages. ISBN: 1-58255-16304.

Evidence-based practice is the new standard for most disciplines in healthcare. Traditionally, nursing has not based practice on evidence, even as the body of nursing knowledge has increased. Nurses often are not familiar with the processes of research analysis, gathering evidence, and applying it to their practice situation. This book is an attempt to bridge the research-practice gap by compiling best practices in nursing into 1 reference.

The book begins with an overview of evidence-based practice and sources of evidence. It provides a brief guide to the process of research utilization. Two helpful appendices give a quick guide for evaluating a research article and a list of national specialty organizations that provide further information. The book is organized into sections beginning with Basic Care and proceeding through each body system. Each...

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