Q What important step must be considered before transferring a patient from one facility to another?

A Renee Holleran, RN, PhD, CEN, CCRN, and Carol Rhoades, RN, BSN, reply:

Several things should be considered to determine how to safely transfer a patient from one institution to another, including:

  • indications for transfer,

  • the best mode of transport,

  • who should provide care during the transport,

  • legal implications of transfer and transport, and

  • accepting physician.

A patient may require transfer to another facility because of 3 main reasons: (1) the resources at the referring facility are not adequate to manage the patient, (2) the benefits outweigh the risk of transfer, and (3) the patient or family may request a transfer.1 Once the need for transport has been determined, a receiving facility and physician must be identified.

The Emergency Medical Treatment and...

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