Eleanor Sullivan. Frederick, Md: Hilliard & Harris; 2002. Paperback, 287 pages, $14.95. ISBN 1-59133-005-X.

With all the current news stories about medical errors and patient safety, it seems appropriate to read a fictional crime story that takes place in a hospital. And who better to write that story than a nurse?

A young woman is admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) from the emergency department after having an abortion, and bleeds to death during the night. Monika Everhardt, nurse manager of the ICU, tries to reconcile conflicting stories about events surrounding the death. Things do not add up and Monika continues to probe dysfunctional family issues as well as the potential culpability of the staff in the patient’s death. In addition, the hospital is dealing with protesters, budget cuts, malfunctioning equipment, and staffing issues.

This book is a quick read with a plausible story line. Any working nurse will...

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