Nurses forget how even small or routine changes make a difference for patients and patients’ families.

These comments were echoed routinely in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and pediatric general care units after patients were transferred. An evidence-based practice team was formed to improve satisfaction of patients and patients’ families with transfers from the PICU to the pediatric general care units. The team, consisting of staff nurses, assistant nurse managers, and nurse managers from the PICU and pediatric general care units, used the Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice to Promote Quality Care when implementing the evidence-based practice project.1 

The hospital environment becomes routine for nurses, but not for acutely ill children. In fact, hospitalization of a child is a stressful time not only for the child but for the child’s family. The PICU is particularly stressful because of the extensive use of machines, tubes, and alarms in that...

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