Q Our policy on external ventricular drainage (EVD) systems includes the procedure for priming the system. However, when we insert an EVD in our unit, as well as in the operating room, our surgeons do not want the system primed. American Association of Critical-Care Nurses guidelines, as well as many of the company inserts, state that the system should be primed. Does it really have to be primed?

A Linda R. Littlejohns, rn, msn, ccrn, cnrn, and Brett Trimble, bsme, reply:

EVD systems have been in use since 1951, when continuous measurement of intracranial pressure (ICP) with an inductance manometer was first reported by Guillaume and Janny.1 Many investigators confirmed this early research into the utility of the fluid-filled manometer and strain gauge transducer to measure ICP.2 In 1965, Lundberg et al3 discussed the value that was added to patient management interventions...

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