Nancy N. Dubler and Carol B. Liebman. New York, NY: United Hospital Fund of New York; 2004. Paperback. $39.95, 236 pages. ISBN 1881277704.

The average person has a great deal of difficulty understanding our complex healthcare system, especially in the midst of conflict between healthcare providers, families, and payers. Until recently, few questioned any medical decision made regarding the care of a patient, leading to a lack of expertise on the healthcare providers’ part to deal with disagreement. Bioethics Mediation presents the theory, background, and practical application of applying a mediation model to the healthcare setting; it compares and contrasts traditional mediation with bioethics mediation, provides a step-by-step approach to the process, and includes annotated transcripts of mediation sessions.

The target audience of this book includes bioethics committee consultants and clinical healthcare providers. The first 2 chapters (part 1) present the background for understanding and preparing to engage in bioethics...

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