Customer service and patient satisfaction are the targets of a patient loyalty team that was created in 2004 at Memorial Hospital, South Bend, Ind. Using what it calls a “service recovery” approach, the hospital emphasizes (1) listen, (2) emphasize, (3) get the facts, (4) suggest alternatives, (5) agree on action, and (6) follow through as the steps to take to ensure that problems are identified and addressed.

Using the Press-Ganey patient survey data to identify areas of concern, the team set goals that included the following:

  • Keeping the customer returning to Memorial by achieving a raw survey score of 93% on overall patient satisfaction by December 2005.

  • Creating a positive, caring, quality experience and environment by increasing the raw patient satisfaction scores regarding noise level from 71.4% to 75%, courtesy from 88.7% to 92%, overall cheerfulness from 89% to...

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