Klein E. Encinitas, Calif: Wisdom Heart Press; 2006. 164 pages; softcover.

The title of this book, You Are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For, may lead the reader to think that it is primarily focused on the workplace and the ability to lead other people. However, the purpose of this book is to assist individuals to identify their own needs for personal authentic leadership in experiencing a purposeful life and to provide insight into their own abilities, which, when developed, can result in enjoying high performance and high fulfillment at work.

Using Wilbur’s Integral Model, the author intends to help the reader identify his or her own predominant focus and attention (self, behavior, culture, environment) in the work environment, suggesting that once determined, this information can be applied to the focus of an individual’s personal life as well. He then directs the reader to seek and develop tools to assist...

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