Winters G, Klein E. Encinitas, Calif: Wisdom Heart Press; 2004. 120 pages; hardcover.

This delightful little book is an allegory of leadership development. Our newly appointed leader is trying to decide how to attack his “to do” list while on his way home for the weekend. During the train ride home he is transported into the world of King Solomon to learn how to involve others in the decision-making process.

The first lesson this character learns is that he must “decide how you’re going to decide” so this information can be clearly communicated to his team members. King Solomon identified 5 ways that leaders and teams can make decisions also placing them on the continuum of compliance (must do) to commitment (buy-in). The additional factor of time, that is, how much time it takes to make a decision versus how much time one has to make a decision is also...

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