Koloroutis M, ed. Minneapolis, Minn: Creative Healthcare Management, Inc; 2004. 288 pages.

Healthcare is provided through relationships. The book Relationship-Based Care: A Model for Transforming Practice gives healthcare leaders the framework and concepts for transforming care delivery. Relationship-based care has 6 core components: leadership, teamwork, professional nursing practice, patient care delivery system, resource-driven practice, and outcomes measurement, with the patient and family at the center of all the components.

Relationship-Based Care brings a practical application of returning back to the basics of focusing on the needs of the patient and family. Each chapter of the book provides a summary of key concepts, self-assessment questions, and real-life exemplars of the core concept presented in that chapter.

As demonstrated in the book, the key relationship in the health-care setting is the nurse and patient /family relationship; it is the core of a healing environment. In fact, Relationship-Based Care is one of the...

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