Richard K. Albert, Arthur Slutsky, V. Marco Ranieri, Antoni Torres, Jukka Takala. Philadelphia, Pa: Mosby, Inc; 2006. 722 pages.

Clinical Critical Care Medicine is a reference book for professionals working in the critical care environment. This book is written from the perspective of the global community in critical care and is geared toward the physician and mid-level provider such as the advanced practice nurse, dealing with critical care patients in their practice. Clinical Critical Care Medicine combines clinical guidance and basic science to help the provider effectively treat and manage critical care patients.

The opening chapters of the book deal with generic pathophysiological processes pertinent to critically ill patients such as inflammation, genetics, control of vascular tone, biologic response to stress, cellular metabolism, and tissue hypoxia. The following chapters include more organ-based conditions such as ventilator-associated lung injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, acute coronary syndromes, and cardiovascular emergencies, as well...

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