I am writing in response to the article “Rapid Response Team: Challenges, Solutions, Benefits” (February 2007:20–28). The article was well done but I found the case study a bit offensive, implying telemetry nurses could not handle rapid atrial fibrillation on their own.

First, the bedside nurse is identified as a medical-surgical nurse, but the patient reportedly stayed in the telemetry unit. I think telemetry nurses at my hospital would be offended that the case study is about “education of the nurse about atrial fibrillation, the signs and symptoms associated with this condition, and the treatment of the rhythm,” if this is indeed a telemetry nurse. If this example was supposed to be using a medical-surgical nurse then perhaps that is understandable. Telemetry nurses are distinct from medical-surgical nurses. Neither one is more important than the other; they are just 2 different specialties.

I understand the intent of the case study...

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