In the February 2007 issue of Critical Care Nurse, the article, “Massive Pulmonary Embolism” has 2 corrections; the last sentence of the first column on page 46 should read, “The nurse explains that a catheter is inserted into the femoral or brachial vein and dye is injected through the catheter in order to visualize the pulmonary arteries and identify areas of obstructed blood flow.” Also, question 7 in the CE test on page 51 should read, “What is the most common rhythm seen after a cardiac arrest related to a pulmonary embolus?”

In the April 2007 issue, the Creative Solutions abstract on page 100 titled “Creating Power” should be listed as:

Elliott K; Washington Hospital Center, DC

Purpose: The purpose of the Positive Work Environment Program (PoWER) on this 31-bed medical cardiology unit was to empower the staff to break down barriers that inhibit and discourage open and positive communication,...

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