I read the article “Meeting the Needs of Graduate Nurses in Critical Orientation: Staged Orientation Program in Surgical Intensive Care” by Chestnutt and Everhart (June 2007:36–51) with great interest. Providing an effective framework to support graduate nurses as they make the transition from student to competent critical care nurse is a challenge we are all facing. The authors present a very practical approach to this orientation dilemma.

The timing for publishing the article could not have been better. We were in the process of evaluating our current internship when Critical Care Nurse arrived. We will be incorporating some of the ideas presented in the article by Chestnutt and Ever-hart into our program for the fall.

I would also like to complement the corresponding author Barb Male Chestnutt. She has been extremely generous and helpful, providing clarification as well as advice. There is so much value to being able to speak...

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