RA Porche Jr, ed. Oakbrook Terrace, IL: Joint Commission Resources; 2007. Softcover, 174 pages. ISBN: 1-59940-004-9.

Medical errors have been present in healthcare since the beginning of time. However, a spotlight has been shining on the subject for almost a decade, bringing errors to the forefront of every healthcare organization’s operating plan. Since 1995, the Joint Commission has gathered and reported data on the most serious types of errors; sentinel events. All nurses, in all healthcare settings, play a key role in the prevention of these errors. Front Line of Defense offers all nurses from staff nurses to chief nursing officers a reference complete with tools to help prevent medical errors.

This book begins with an overview of sentinel events including trends and statistics. The book moves on to the most commonly identified root causes of the sentinel events describing the various ways a nurse can intervene and speak up...

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