Which type of unit has the healthiest work environments and which have the least healthy work environments?

In the first article in this series, “Confirmation of a Healthy Work Environment,”1 evidence to support 4 key points was presented:

Staff nurses in magnet hospital have consistently reported healthier, more productive work environments than have nurses in nonmagnet comparison hospitals.5,6,8 Comparison hospitals are nonmagnet hospitals that have requested an EOM internal evaluation of their unit work environment and preferably have had a 50% response rate, or at least 35%. Magnet designation does not automatically mean that staff nurses on all units confirm that they have a healthy work environment, and magnet hospitals are not the only hospitals in which staff nurses on some units report a healthy work environment.

Since 2004, we have established a National Magnet Hospital Profile (NMHP) biannually. This profile consists of the...

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