Carol Jacobson, Karen Marzlin, Cynthia Webner. Burien, WA: Cardiovascular Nursing Education Associates; 2007. Softcover, 916 pages.

Cardiovascular Nursing Practice, by Jacobson, Marzlin, and Webner, is a comprehensive reference for the complex care needs of cardiovascular patients. The book contains 18 chapters that are dedicated to cardiac anatomy and physiology, assessment, oxygenation, hemodynamics, and cardiac rhythm analysis along with 12-lead electrocardiography interpretation and cardiovascular drugs.

The book covers the spectrum of medical and surgical cardiovascular diseases and interventions, with additional chapters dedicated to risk factor prevention, acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, electrical management of dysrhythmias, pacemakers, cardiac catheterization and interventional cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, and peripheral and cerebral vascular states. The authors also include chapters on noncardiac disease states that affect cardiac patients. Topics in these chapters include pulmonary pathophysiology, sepsis, and renal and electrolyte abnormalities.

Each chapter includes a combination of prose, illustrations, bulleted text, “Linking Knowledge to Practice” sections,...

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