Structures that foster clinical competency include annual reviews, educational support, recognition, review sessions, and best-practice teams.

“By your actions they will know you.”

“My goal is to provide the best care possible to each of my patients, based on knowledge that flows from my brain to my fingertips with compassion.”

“The signs were subtle, but I knew this patient was going to get into more trouble, so I bugged them [physicians] until they did something.”

“We take pride in being superbly competent; it’s “in the water” here—part of our culture. And the hospital backs up this expectation by providing resources, educational programs, tuition and fees, and time so that you can go. The physicians in PACU [postanesthesia care unit] provided review courses for our national specialty certification exams.”

“I wish there was some way that I could learn and could help others meet all our responsibilities at once.

The preceding...

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