Carnie Wilson, renowned singer and former member of the group, Wilson Phillips, and daughter of Beach Boy founder, Brian Wilson, has a varied career as a singer, songwriter, actress, and TV talk show host. In Chicago, May 2008, she was the guest speaker at the Chapter Presidents’ Luncheon at the National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition, where she talked about her experience with gastric bypass surgery and the nurses who left a lasting impression.

Ali Strain You have written 2 books, Gut Feelings and I’m Still Hungry. You give lectures and speeches about your weight loss and your surgery and run the Web site, which helps 600000 people each month get information about obesity, morbid obesity, weight loss, and bariatric surgeons. Why have you decided to share your story with so many people?

Carnie Wilson I love sharing my story. I love speaking and lecturing because I...

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