Jill Duncan, Jason Corcoran. Marblehead, MA: HCPro, Inc; 2007. Softcover, 168 pages. ISBN: 978-1-60146-027-1

In Pediatric High-Alert Medications, Duncan and Corcoran provide evidenced-based guidelines to assist staff nurses in safely administering high-risk medications to pediatric patients. The book contains an introductory chapter followed by 11 chapters that address the unique needs of pediatric patients, general medication safety principles, and 7 specific high-alert medication classifications. Topics within the medication classification chapters focus on pharmacology concepts, pediatric considerations, medications, and nursing implications. Each chapter is highlighted by case studies that illustrate errors but, more importantly, facilitate the readers to critically think and adapt practice by learning from others’ mistakes.

Drug-specific pediatric dosing is not discussed in the book because the authors chose to focus on patient safety. An added bonus to the book is a nursing education instructional guide that provides the book’s objectives and an assessment tool.

The book recognizes that...

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