Jennifer Culkin. Boston, MA: Beacon Press; 2009. $24.95, hardcover. ISBN-13: 978-0-8070-7285-1

A Final Arc of Sky is a story written by a critical care and emergency flight nurse. Culkin describes the everyday life of a critical care and flight nurse, the relationship among the flight crew, the scary moments with patients in transit, and the sense of accomplishment and success. She also speaks to the moments and episodes of tragedy inherent in the high stress world of critical care and flight nursing.

Every acute and critical care nurse can identify with Culkin’s story; it is not necessary to be an emergency department or flight nurse to understand the bond with colleagues and patients. What makes her world different is the accountability for patients during transit and the need to intervene beyond the scope of the bedside clinician.

A Final Arc of Sky is not a book about clinical practice. It...

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