Nurse to Nurse: Trauma Care was written by a trauma nurse for trauma nurses. However, Nayduch also suggests that this book is meant to be a reference for all members of the interdisciplinary trauma team. To that end, the author includes cues for nursing and medical management of the patient based on the assumption that a team cares for the patient and each team member should know what to expect of the other.

The book is sized to fit in a laboratory coat pocket. In addition, the option exists to purchase a full mobile device download. In either format, the content and the layout are intended to be an easy-to-use reference.

The 3 introductory chapters address mechanisms of injury, principles of trauma resuscitation and stabilization, and the framework of trauma systems. The 6 following chapters focus on specific types of injuries: head, spine and spinal cord, thoracic, abdominal, orthopedic, and...

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