I have been a critical care nurse for 35 years; I have been a nurse for more than 44 years.

I wanted to help the sick, alleviate pain and suffering regardless of color, creed, or beliefs. I wanted to travel to broaden my scope in nursing with a universal goal to help the sick. I was born in the Southern Philippines, in a small town, with a big dream. My eldest sister who is also a nurse became my role model. Minda del Carmen is 71 years old and still works full time in the operating room in Seattle, Washington. She is a recipient of the “Daisy Award.”

My incredible journey has been full of joy, challenges, miracles, gratifications, disappointments, and hope. With the ongoing advancement in medical science and technologies, budget cuts, insurance reimbursements, changes in health care policies, and expansions, the journey is a never ending process to...

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