Although administering medications is a primary function of nursing and must always be done in the safest manner possible, pharmacology is a difficult topic to master for nurses on all levels. Understanding Pharmacology provides the information needed to understand medication delivery and patient safety. It is divided into 3 primary sections: Overview of Pharmacology, including pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and patient education; Mathematics in Pharmacology, including dosage calculations for both oral and intravenous solutions and drugs; and Clinical Categories and Uses of Drugs.

Each chapter in the book starts with objectives and key terms with pronunciations and definitions. Chapters also include color illustrations, discussions on application of the content to everyday life, Drug Alerts, and Do-Not-Confuse boxes for patient safety. Understanding Pharmacology features wide margins that allow for note taking and unique cartoon icons demonstrating common side effects. Lifespan considerations are given as applicable.

The sections at the end of each chapter...

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