The correct doi number for “Modified Insertion of a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter: Taking the Chest Radiograph Earlier” by Tian et al (Crit Care Nurse.2011;31[2]:64–69) is doi: 10.4037/ccn2011966.

The correct doi number for “Use of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters As an Alternative to Central Catheters in Neurocritical Care Units” by DeLemos et al (Crit Care Nurse. 2011;31[2]: 70–75) is doi: 10.4037/ccn2011911.

In the April article by Cecil and colleagues, “Traumatic Brain Injury: Advanced Multimodal Neuromonitoring From Theory to Clinical Practice” (Crit Care Nurse. 2011;31[2]:25–37), the threshold value for glycerol listed in Table 1 on page 28 should be 921 mg/dL. On page 31, the pink box under “Tier 2” in Figure 5 should state “Hypertonic saline.” Lastly, on page 33, the formula for cerebral perfusion pressure is CPP = MAP - ICP.

In addition, question No. 1 in CE test C112 (page 37)...

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