Every professional organization publishes authoritative books considered to encompass the core knowledge and essential information about that particular specialty. Infusion Nursing: An Evidence-Based Approach, published by the Infusion Nurses Society, is one such resource that has recently been updated to the third edition. Data, research, and evidence make up the foundation for the current nursing and infusion therapy practice presented in Infusion Nursing.

The book is divided into 6 sections, starting with an overview of Infusion Therapy. This section includes context such as legal issues, quality management, and clinician and patient safety. Also discussed in this section are evidence-based practice, clinical and patient education, financial considerations, and infusion therapy across the continuum of care settings.

Section II focuses on the Physiologic Considerations, section III discusses Infusion Therapies, and section IV presents Infusion Delivery Systems. Section V is directly related to Infusion Nursing Practice; section VI addresses Specialty Populations, that...

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