I read “Traumatic Brain Injury: Advanced Multimodal Neuromonitoring From Theory to Clinical Practice” (April 2011:25–37) and found a few items that may need further clarification. On page 30, the authors state that baseline “normal ICP [intracranial pressure] levels range from 0 to 10 mm Hg.” According to Campbell,(p600) normal ICP values can range from 5 to 15 mm Hg. In addition, Wiegand(p802) and Carlson(p554) state normal ICP is 5 to 15 mm Hg.

In the same paragraph on page 30, the authors state that ideal cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) is approximately 60 mm Hg. Although 60 mm Hg reflects the old range, the new range is between “50 and 70 mm Hg.”(p803) Carlson(p554) writes that the normal value is 60 to 100 mm Hg. Consequently, the ideal range for CPP has increased.

The authors state that a first-tier intervention to...

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