Many hospitals have well-planned nursing competency assessment programs, but these are meant to measure competency in traditional bedside roles, not in tele–intensive care unit (tele-ICU) nurses practicing remotely.


To determine whether current tele-ICU programs have a formal competency assessment program and to determine when and how competency of tele-ICU nurses is assessed.


A 20-question survey was provided to a convenience sample of the 44 known tele-ICU programs nationally.


Of the surveys distributed, 75% were completed and returned. A formal competency assessment policy for assessing nurses’ competency at the time of hire, during orientation, and ongoing was in place at the workplaces of 85% of respondents. The most common methods for competency validation were performance appraisal and observation, although peer review and self-assessment also were used. Respondents identified the following competencies as the highest priorities for defining tele-ICU nurse practice: effective listening, prioritization, collaboration, and effective use of tele-ICU application tools.


Although awaiting development of professional practice standards, many tele-ICU programs currently measure the competence of tele-ICU nurses through competency programs.

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