The February editorial (February 2013:9–13) invited feedback regarding stroke awareness. We received the following comments via [email protected] and Facebook:

I know we have had a FAST campaign for some time now. I think we need to change it to a BE FAST campaign. B is for Balance and coordination and E is for Eyes, trouble seeing in one or both eyes. Both of these signs are troubling in regards to delay in seeking emergency care. Most often patients with vision problems see their ophthalmologist first. Dizziness and balance problems are also waited out. Patients think it is the flu or possibly their ears. That’s just an immediate finding I see as stroke coordinator.

Shirley Shook, RN,BC, MSN, CCRN, NVRN-BC, via e-mail to [email protected]

My suggestions for raising awareness of stroke symptoms and prompt calling of 911 involve cooperation with the TV industry. TV and electronic media are very powerful, and...

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