Hutchison LC, Sleeper RB. Bethesda, MD: ASHP Publications; 2015. Paperback; 500 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1585284351

Fundamentals of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy is not your typical “drug book”—it assumes knowledge of disease-specific pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy and adds to that knowledge by focusing on a specific population, older adults.

There are 2 sections in the book. The first section sets the stage by discussing the social, ethical, and economic issues of aging, including one chapter on challenges in geriatric care and and one chapter on the ethical and socioeconomic considerations of aging. These 2 chapters provide a platform upon which the rest of the text builds.

The second section focuses on the body systems and diseases, and additional content includes geriatric assessment, adverse drug events, and palliative and hospice care. The introductory chapter for this section covers biomedical effects of aging, addressing issues such as age-related changes in medication sensitivity.

Each chapter in the second...

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