The Pause, an article in the February 2014 issue (Critical Care Nurse. 2014;34[1]:74-75) by Jonathan Bartels, presents a concept that can be used to set a culture of caring and nurturing for patients, their family, and staff. The concept, called The Pause, is a simple time out, 45 seconds to about 1 minute, that recognizes a patient’s death as well as the efforts of the clinical staff when, despite all interventions, the patient dies. This concept, according to Bartels, is not brain surgery or rocket science, but a method for comforting and healing.

Hospitals do not need an educational roll-out or check-off list to begin to implement The Pause. Bartels says to just do it; start implementing The Pause right away and begin the healing of taking care of yourself and others on the team.

Many departments and disciplines are involved in code blues, including laboratory, radiology, pharmacy,...

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