Melinda Catubig-Espiritu, Mary Lawanson-Nichols; Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, CA

This multidisciplinary evidence-based practice project was intended to evaluate the effect of focused education on compliance in the use of a nurse-driven ventilator weaning assessment tool, hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) lengths of stay, failed extubation rates, and the duration of mechanical ventilation.

Use of the standard protocol for ventilator weaning, which is essential in assessing patients’ weaning readiness, was inconsistent. Respiratory therapists reported that the protocol were not consistently completed, resulting in delays in starting breathing trials. The use of a standardized protocol assists with an objective assessment of the patient’s respiratory status and is linked to reductions in the duration of mechanical ventilation, weaning, and shorter ICU and hospital stays. Nurses were the driving force in achieving timely ventilator weaning, and they would be more effective at using the...

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