Q In my unit, I hear some nurses making disrespectful comments about other nurses based on their age. What can I do to encourage teamwork and collaboration despite generational differences?

A Karen Stutzer, PhD, RN, replies:

Many current work environments are composed of 5 generations (Table 1).1–4  This multigenerational workforce contains a diversity of attitudes, beliefs, and work habits that need to be taken into consideration when building relationships with colleagues. Along with characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, and religion, the generation we are born into contributes to our unique identity.

The major social and political events, as well as technological advancements, that occurred during a specific generation’s journey to adulthood shape the generation’s attitudes, beliefs, and work habits (Table 2),3–6  as well as its approach to communication, expectations and view of leadership, and professional and educational goals. In...

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